Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who Can It Be Now?

Yes yes yes, the time has come once again to hold YET  ANOTHER  shamelessly cheap and cheesy contest in order to attract followers to this blog.  FYI, there are two followers at this point: one of them is me, and the other one is my girlfriend, Julie.  But hey, I look at it like this: if just TWO  of you stealth-followers out there cowboy-up and become real, live followers, then I will have DOUBLED BLOG  MEMBERSHIP!!

OK, here's the deal. Take a look at the handsome dude in the picture below and do the following:
- identify him
- tell everybody what he might be thinking
- suggest something he might actually say (because nobody really ever says what they're thinking --think of all the fights that would happen if they did!)

The winner of this shameless publicity stunt will NOT receive a Dunkin' Donuts gift card --I am totally off Double D's right now, but not because they did anything wrong.  It's just that Heavenly Donuts is SO  MUCH  BETTER!  You've just GOT to try their fruit squares-- YUM!  And no, the winner won't get a Heavenly Donuts gift certificate either (they're only open in Massachusetts' Merrimack Valley).  So what will the winner get?  How about a Target gift card in the amount of $25.00?  Alrighty then!  Here we go:

Good luck, and may the best responder win!

1 comment:

  1. It's your Mom. He's thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if the artist who's painting my picture suddenly had a 5-ton safe fall on him." What he actually said was "Make sure you get all my medals in the right order."